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It is when you have been on an all day drinking binge, with all the trimmings. i.e. : 12 pints of strong larger at lunch time, an afternoon curry followed by more larger in the evening, topped off by a kebab with extra chili sauce, then straight home to bed. In the morning when emptying your bowls you will feel like you have shit a kidney ! And probably would have done !
God, i just shit a kidney ! answer, oh, have you just had a shidney ?
by Dungeon masters aprentice November 25, 2010
When you are just about to get the flu and your back hurts in the kidney region, feels like your kidneys are full of shit.
mom-"get up and go to school"
me-"nah mah, got the shidneys"
by Carman MacDonald January 29, 2008