The hottest guy ever... a rockin surfer...and oh yah did i mention the HOTTEST GUY ever?
Hes no shia!:(
by Nikki T. January 09, 2004
A 23 year old kid,who has the perfect combination of a cute face,a hot body and a sexy atmosphere.<3

He's known for his lead roles in thrillers like Disturbia(Kale Brecht),Transformers 1 and 2(Sam Witwicky),and Eagle Eye(Jerry/Ethan Shaw).

He is an ex-disney star and starred in the Even Stevens movie,Tru Confessions,Hounded and The Christmas Path.

His characters are neurotic and he always looks 4 years younger than his actual age.

Often rumours of his hook-ups with co-stars are publicised,but in reality he's dated only a few women-
China Brezner and Carey Mulligan(confirmed).

He has a lot of crazy fans and is often compared to robert pattinson ,but that shouldn't be done because Shia is such a great actor in his own way,but he's also a tiny pervert and his movies are better than Robs',anyday.

Other than acting,he plays the drums and drinks arizona iced tea with ginseng and honey.He likes rap music and has directed a video for his favourite rapper,Cage called "i never knew you".

He's Jewish and he says the best day of his life was the day his Bar Mitzvah took place.

"Shia LaBeouf" means "praise GOD for beef"!!
Shia LaBeouf is the dream fantasy lover for any girl who likes curly dark hair and adorable kitty eyes.
I can't stop downloading Shia LaBeouf wallpapers.

me:*to a Shia picture* I love you I love you I love you so much,but you live halfway around the world and you're 9 years older than me!
by iHEARTshialabeouf December 26, 2009
An adorable actor. He's gonna be a big star one day if u guys like it or not. I Love Shia LaBeouf.
:::::Thank God for Beef:::::
by Chrissy January 01, 2004
He is a living proof that jealous men exist. So many slutty boys his age are so jealous of him because of his success and good looks.

He is also hated so much by the dudes because they hate how popular he's become and how many sexy girls he's kissed onscreen.

Just like how Angelina Jolie is amongst girls, he is that amongst the guys; who hate him because he's hot and they bring up excuses like "come on, he's goofy looking", "average" or "he is ugly". He's one of the few guy actor that gets those attacks, which proves that he is hot, a rare gem in Hollywood, that makes so many men envy his looks.

Even Spielberg and Bay have some sort of a fetish of him.
Jealous guy: Not Shia LaBeouf again, I can't stand looking at his ugly face.

Normal guy: What, do you want a guy you find attractive instead? You gay or what?

Jealous: Uh...what...uh...ahem
by jealousymurders April 26, 2011
The Hottest Man Ever!!!!!!!!!!
He Is Amazing!!!!!!!
He's Not Shy, He's Just Buff!!!!!!!!
If You Don't Like Him, You Can Suck His Huge Ass Penis!!!!!
Person 1: Have You Ever Heard Of Shia Labeouf?
Person 2: Of Course I Have. Shia Labeouf Is A Saint!!!!
by Natalie Labeouf May 21, 2008
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