A term for beautiful eyes, usually a name for a person who loves to swim, be outside, and listen to music. She is stubborn and gets confused very easily. She will usually almost always pick your day up even when she can't pick up her own.
She has gorgeous eyes, she must be a Sheyla.
by OmNom,Tom. May 04, 2010
A beautiful girl who is sweet and kind. A person who is a loving person and cares for everyone. She also has gorgeous eyes and hair. Don't forget a gorgeous face! If a Sheyla is insulted she will defend herself and if one of her friends are insulted she stands up for them also. So basically a girl who is perfect!
"Omg shes so nice! She must be a Sheyla!"
by duudesam May 31, 2014
An extremely critical, tall, Nicaraguan girl, who enjoys Frank Sinatra, playing Grand Theft Auto 4, and Guitar Hero. She has an obsession with Italians and Roman Warfare. White people tend to urk her at most times. She also hates how nobody talks to her. She also insists that every single vagina stinks like rotten fish and old mayonnaise.
(A Sheyla) Ew omg look at that girl's hair. It's so ugly; why does she wear it like that?

-Stop being such a Sheyla, geez.

(A Sheyla) CLOSE, your legs. I can already smell that foul odor.

-Hello.. I actually clean my pussy thanks.
by Marissathephenomenal October 17, 2009

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