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The classyist of deviantly sutle women.
Beautiful by definintion. Extreemly playfull and sexy. Could be a legendary raging house party in 90's and it could be their host in a dark and exoctic black lace dress. Long curls and dark sexy eyes. Her girly girls Sex is legendary She is Shevy she is fine and knows what it means to party.
Hey Shevy that sounds familiar man I know her from somewhere I know I do, I did.
by Ryan April 01, 2005
A hella cool guy who is great with the ladies and will never let you down.
Man, that guy is such a Shevy, he gets all the chicks. Did you hear he also got stabbed 73 times whilst sticking up for his beagle?
by Drav April 10, 2010
A needlessly large amount of drugs arranged in a line i.e. Cocaine or Speed.

Used mainly in Glasgow, Scotland by people in the know.
David: Look at the size of that? Dae you think yer some kind of superstar?

Chris: Chill out, we're doing Shevys tonight. Yaldy. Spelt right
to pass something completely unrelated off as a racial prejudice.
she gave him a zero for cheating, so he pulled a shevy and claimed she hated brown people
by J-ROCK January 20, 2005
a brown kid from Sudbury ontario.
Alot of people were being racist towards shevy, so he killed them
by shevy January 04, 2005
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