a shern is something Wider than it is long. Often used as an insult.
(A SHERN)Something wider than it is long!
by some boy must be November 30, 2007
Top Definition
an excuse for all of your pervy acts
Sarah: I am just being Shern
Billy: Oh, you're being perverted?

Sarah: I am just being Shern
Lita: Rawr ;]
by teh epik. October 12, 2009
A true player that has his roots in every high school and has many friends of the opposite gender that he doesn't tell others about.
Tom: did you see Tom yesterday with a girl from Paperclip High?
Bob: I thought he was going out with another girl from Hades High?
Tom: ....
Both: What a Shern
by Sefia July 02, 2014

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