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Chick at Renaissance that touches her boobies and my penis. yup.
Ay yo, you see that boobalicious chick Sherise?

Yeah, she keeps grabbing mah dick.
by Daveisnothere May 16, 2011
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sh(e)-ri-se\ as a girl's name is a variant of Cerise (English, French), Cherise (Old French) and Sherisa, and the meaning of Sherise is "cherry".

This is also a synonym for "the embodiment of awesome". Sherises tend to be pretty, intelligent, and confident.

Some may categorize some Sherise-like actions as "weird" but that is just her awesomeness levels temporarily spiking too high for humans to see it. This phenomena causes Sherise to sometimes be called she RISE as she rises above all that you thought was possible.

Many Sherises also double as carriers of "dat ass".
*sigh* I wish I was Sherise...
by bitz-fit April 09, 2012

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