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The aftermath of what you believed to be a humble fart.
1. Peter thought he was clever performing a one cheek bench sneak but didn't feel so fucking clever when he realised he had Shepards Pie without the Mash in his pants.

2. "That fart sounded wet" Steve announced during the Sermon
"Feels wet actually Steve" replied the Vicar, "I do believe I have Shepards Pie without the Mash in my underwear, please excuse me while I clean this shit up"

3. Deidre suddenly became withdrawn & pale. It was clearly obvious she had Shepards Pie without the Mash in her knickers.

4. Dave let out a thunderous bottom belch and grinned insanely, "Shepards Pie without the Mash" he exclaimed
by The Real Mark Hunt November 06, 2010
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