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The American name Shenice means - forms of Shanice, but I think Shenice has a better sound to it. She is the very epitome of her name if you were to pronounce it in two syllables She-nice. She has many strengths, your calm, diplomatic, and pragmatic approach is admirable. On top of that, once you commit to something, you feel responsible and accountable for what you do, which makes you such a trustworthy and loyal person. Loving, kindhearted, great gift giver and sensual with and great sense of humor .Guys find these qualities intriguing as well as her physical appearance. The very best friend you can have in life, truly a rare gem. So having such a one of kind BBF, obviously you wouldn’t want to cross her, because there will be hell to pay. You may get the ice cold treatment and indifferent attitude. Oh yeah most important, she absolutely love her some Ethiopians, because they were the first in history to plant and harvest the Coffee bean, she really gotta have her Cup of Joe on a daily basis. ;-)
Girl: Shenice, can you help me with selling Girls Scouts cookies?

Guy: Shenice, do you want go get some endorphin's cranking out at the gym or on a brisk walk on the beach? I'll be sure to stop at Seven Eleven first for your Cup of Joe.

Guy: Shenice, do you want to enroll in a Salsa dance class?

Guy Better yet do you wanna get married?????
by darkflow December 12, 2010
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