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A self-righteous female who enjoys being a troll while playing the victim. Usually characterized by online/offline harrassment in the form of cruel anonymous comments and midnight phone calls. Often threatens to sue her targets.
Karen got another 2 am phone call last night. It takes a real Shellybien to do something like that.
by Elizabeth232 March 26, 2008
A woman with firey red hair an outspoken mouth and a brain who used it once against internet bullies, that in turn caused the afore mentioned nuts to call her home, spam and harrass her for four years. They even keep a journal to this day at diary land called Basictruth, to belittle and drool over her much more amazing life than theirs.
I hear that Janice stood up for her self and took names, she's on the road to becoming a shellybien.
by Jennifer September 07, 2004
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