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The feeling of a caffeine comedown and shakes the day after drinking too many jagerbombs
Dude, I was so shellshocked this morning I couldn't sleep.
by Con1989 November 04, 2011
a kool as F*ck band(drum n bass metal).
outcast is the best shellshock songs the other stuff on Vitaminic.co.uk apart from insight suck compared to it!
by slacker jesus March 21, 2004
a gayass dod moderator on a power trip.
by trre February 05, 2003
sick guy
sick guy tat bans people on dodmod forums to get laid
by Anonymous February 08, 2003
When having sexual relations in the anus a person can sometimes slip into a state of nausea, and they maybe even begin to experience a temporary loss of hearing and/or eye sight.
"Liz's ex-boyfriend was so big that when his dick slipped into her anus she got shell shocked!"
by Zeeky Baby February 25, 2008