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May be used as either a Verb, or Suffix.

By itself, shelekkit means "Like it". However, when it is used as a suffix, it could mean a wide variety of things, which depends on the way it is used in a sentence.

May be used to express feelings, or actions.

Alternate Spellings include: Shellekkit, Sheleggit, Shelekky
I shellekit the way you slide your sausage in my hot pocket. - Verb

Kirkshelekkit wants me to fix his torque settings - Suffix.

I want to bring my carshelekkit to the meet. - Suffix
by Mikeshelekkit May 26, 2009
To be replaced for any noun. Can mean anthing you want it. Ussaly used as a question.
Do you Shelekkit?

Shelekkit the way the dick takes.
by Totaly Retarded May 26, 2009