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Shelden is the most whiped person in the history of the world! Even more whipped them Macbeth
Person 1: Is Shelden Coming Over tonight?
Person 2: I think so if Meg lets him
*Phone Rings*
Person 2: Who was that?
Person 1: Shelden
Person 2: Let me guess, Meg wants to hang out with him?
Person 1: yep
Person 2: Well I guess it's just us...
Person 1: yup he's so whiped.
by ShawzywitCorzby September 03, 2008

The man/nurse/waffle drowner/Sheldenizer/Hip-Hop
Tommy and Chris and Shelden were watching Pulp Fiction and Shelden was drowning waffles while listening to Hip-Hop.
by Bagle Dog..... April 05, 2010
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