Super gorgeous, logically defying intelligence, loyal to a fault, compassionate person. Shelby is tried and true. She will stick by you through thick and thin. The sister/friend every single person on this planet wishes for. Potential and smarts people would die for. Beauty in combination with elegance. Unique crazy admirable sense of style. Has the ability to wear absolutely anything and not only pull it off but rock it. So smart she could be president. Classy as fuck with a streak of hippie. Earth nugget/granola is the best way to describe herstyle. Looks equally as amazing without a drop of makeup but can transform into a doll with it. She is a social butterfly and can carry on a conversation with anyone. She has an envious amount of empathy and compassion. Shelby literally glows she is such an amazing human being!
Man, Shelby is so awesome! I just love her to death!
by Elliebellie815 April 04, 2017
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a sexy girl in a punk/goth/cheerleader outfit willing to tease a boy beyond imagination
Nathan: Did you see that stripper last night?
Charlie: That wasn't a stripper, the was Shelby!
by prettyprettyrad June 09, 2009
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Like an octopus, very clingy. But an amazing girlfriend and lover. Wants to be accepted by everyone.
Shelby made my day!
by slyyyy May 03, 2009
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a very beautiful girl with an awesome pesonality.
cute, funny, smart. :)
can be a bitch, but also super nice at times.
if she doesnt like u, she will act like a bitch to u.
she cares, about those in need.
even though she ay seem like a bitch.
shelby shelby sexy beautiful bitch gorgeous fun awesome caring personality cute funny smart
by a person who is superr sexy August 31, 2010
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Shelbys are pretty and have every intention to love you and do anything for you to show you she cares for you. The problem with shelbys are once they show there true colors they get mad and pull knives out with intent to cut. Shelbys like to have babies, so be careful! They may swipe your cum into there vagina just to get pregnant. Once a Shelby has your baby in her, look out! A Shelby might double cross you with another dude but that's just the beginning. Make a Shelby mad enough she will get you arrested for domestic violence then you have to spend hundreds in court. After a shelbys mission is complete they have you arrested with a PO so you can't have anything to do with the child so they return back to dude #1 who may look like a chipmunk. Look out for shelbys because they live amoung us looking to deceive.
Stewart: Shelby came over last night
John: no way! How was she!

Stewart: She cut herself and bled all over the place!

John: I remember my encounter with a Shelby.

"This guy wouldn't buy me everything I wanted so I shelbyed him, I hope he does ten years"
by Jeffery dingus December 16, 2016
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Slang for a really short, annoying, snobby person.
That girl is such a Shelby.
by xReigningBloodx April 01, 2015
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Shelby, extraordinary bright and intelligent woman. Possesses arresting beauty and disarming personality. Shelby, has a warmth that immediately cuts through barriers and makes one feel totally at easy and on the level. Shelby gives someone she meets the benefit of the doubt. A Shelby is a confident person with and interesting sound. She exudes womanly affection and has the uncanny ability to charm the sox off of anyone meets. Shelby is driven, efficient, and reliable. Shelby is absolutely stunningly gorgeous in every way. A man's dream girl.
My goodness, did you meet and see that Shelby? She lights up the room! I know. She's off the wall !!! I want to get me some of that Shelby.

Hay dude, not so fast.

Everybody knows you don't fuck with Shelby. She doesn't like to be fucked with and is not afraid to tell you so.
by fallalobo April 05, 2011
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