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A rural town in South - West Nova Scotia. Famous for wanna - be gangstas, Even though 0.1% population is black. Also a Breeding ground for rednecks.
White boi 1: Yo dawgs, look at mah pants on da grounds y'all!!

White boi 2: Yeah dawg, dat's gangsta. SHELBURNE WHAT!!
by MannheimRocket June 29, 2010
A small town of about 7,000 people, on the shores of Lake Champlain, at an elevation of 95 to 500 ft. Most of Shelburne is nice, a cute village, and lots of fields. However, the northwest section of Shelburne is nothing but a commercialized shithole, where every bit of green space is bought out and built upon by corporations like Kinney Drugs. It is a beautiful town slowly being turned into a shopping mall like the rest of this "wonderful" country.
Shelburne looks more and more like shitty South Burlington every day... so sad.
by Dr. Meh March 21, 2012