The ultimate homosexual stud-muffin who likes playing with crowbars, midgets, and motor oil, at the same time. A true Freakus Maximus.
I met this incredible SheikEric last night at the blue leopard lounge. He had my ass stretched like a drum skin.
by Chance June 18, 2003
Top Definition
A homus majoris mountaineerus who likes big trucks, big women, and wiffle balls. Likes the sport of midget felching.
by chance June 19, 2003
Term applied to an individual who commits a sexual act ridden with moral terpitude and prohibitive by nature.
The other day, while walking in pasture, I observed a SheikEric performing oral copulation on a maggot- ridden male armadillo.
by Persecutor June 21, 2003
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