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So damn sexy, I have wet dreams about her! Even hotter than Kim!
Shego is wicked hot! I'd nail her all night long!
by I luv Toon Poon May 12, 2004
120 45
Sexy enemy of the equally sexy Kim Possible.
"Shego is hot.Her and Kim Possible should dyke out."
by D.P.Lipsky March 17, 2004
186 59
A women that is proven or suspected to put out, is sexual active, or likes penis vagina sex, or giving zj's.
-Do you think that Ashely girl in my geology class goes?

-O She Goes. I ve seen the videos
by Bobby Diesel October 21, 2008
37 5
she is hot, fine, or good looking.
"Did you see that new Jessica Alba movie?"

"Yeah... she go"
by Toree October 12, 2007
6 4
A paintball term describing the melding of two different markers, a Smart Parts SHocker and a Planet Eclipse EGO.
I just took my old Ego trigger frame, drilled holes in it and put it on my Shocker; my Shego pwns!
by 702-Fishhead October 01, 2006
33 46