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Fucking awesome and gorgeous girl with the biggest smile ever and such a cool personality that when you meet her you literally think 'this chick is just too cool'. Amazingly long legs and awesome thighs; you can stand there and count the guys staring at her when she dances in a club. Casually tousled hair, infectious laugh, vintage clothes: damn she's a sexy bitch.
Girl: "Wao look at Sheeva working her thighs! Damn, wish I could dance like that!"
Boy: *completely blanks out girl and stares at Sheeva's butt with wide quivering eyes*
#cool #gorgeous #smart #sexy #awesome
by Elmeuth December 30, 2011
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The name Sheeva derives from the anciest persian scripts that were once lost but recently found in the historical village of wastegashizi near the capital Tehran. Sheeva was a god of the time, she had a large chest and nice tanned skin with beautiful black hair, however she had the mouth of a toilet.
"Dont be such a Sheeva"

"Your mums face looks like Sheeva blud"

"That girls beaver looks like Sheeva"

"I need to go take a Sheeva"
#sheeva #beautiful #persian #girl #goddess #gobby mouth
by John Smith Akbar Patel June 28, 2007
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