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Originally from Limerick, a Sheephog is a traveller's guardian; commonly perched on the dashboard of a vehicle to bring good luck and to ward off bad drivers - in particular Range Rover (BOFmobile), Mini and Porsche drivers. They warn of impending road ass-hattery by emitting a pungent odour from their rear ends.

Dark green in colour, Sheephogs are actually sheep but look like hedgehogs to the untrained eye - hence the name 'Sheephog'. They are ridiculously hard to find, and if you're lucky enough to get one, you must take very good care of it.

Sheephogs can't stand bacon but love sprouts. They carry mystical powers, you should never say anything that may incur their wrath whilst within earshot.
"I've had two flat tyres this week and all the electrics have gone wrong in my car!"

"That's because you insulted the Sheephog. You should never insult the Sheephog."
by MuckleFlugga September 24, 2013
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