Anywhere there are wide expanses of rural land and lots of sheep, you are going to have sheep shaggers.
Men from Wales are sheep shaggers: they shag sheep after they get drunk a night out in the pub. They take turns holding the sheep (an ewe) and shagging her.

Men from Norfolk are sheep shaggers: Everyone knows this in England and all the visiting football (soccer) supporters who go to Carrow Road (Norwich City Football Club) constantly yell out 'sheepshaggers' to the men of Norfolk.
by chaz1 June 06, 2007
used to refer to an arab
That arab is a camel jockey by day and a sheep shagger by night
by donny 10293 January 10, 2009
One who hails from Ballymena
Rab Mann is such a sheep shagger. He shags sheep.
by Richarrrrr October 15, 2003
A sheep shagger is a kiwi (new zealander), who for some starnge reason thinks that his scummy nation and is worth mentioning in the same sentence as Australia. They believe that they are better than Australians, one of their biggest mistakes. As an example Kiwis think that there country is wealthier than Australia, when infact Australia's economy dwarves that of theirs. As the name sheep shagger suggests, they are overly friendly with sheep, and is uncommon to find a male kiwi without one in his bedroom. Their low IQ prevents them from recognising Australians as their superiors, and is therefore a right of every Australian, or infact most other nations to beat up on a kiwi whenever seen. A sheep shagger will have a weird pride of its filthy homeland of New Zealand, and believe that their Rugby team is far suiperior to that of Australia's, when infact they can only beat Australia at the game when Australia is rebuilding its side.
Sheep Shagger kiwi: Oi I cannot find me sheep!
Aussie: *Whilst hiding the poor sheep*: Oh dear, I cannot for the life of me seem to find it
by Pink Merkin February 01, 2008
Sheep shaggers are inhabitants of a small continent off the coast of New Zealand, Commonly known as Australia.
These Aussies blame Kiwis (New Zealanders) for the cum filled sheep that get exported to various other countries such as America or Britian.

Unknown to many, Sheep shaggers are actually bred by Kangaroos and live in their pouches until ready to face the world. They have high pitched nasally voices and tend to say "Sex" instead of "Six", or "Fush and Chups" instead of Fish and Chips. G'day instead of "good day"

They also believe they invented Pavalova first, where as New Zealand did, for Anna Pavlov.

1) Kiwi: Bro, What are you doing to that poor sheep?

"Sheep Shaggers" : Im just seing if i can six him sex times. It helps with the tenderising when we send it to those Americans.

2) Ew look at those damn Sheep Shaggers, hes calling that poor lamb his mate!
by Kiwichick November 21, 2008
Feenix and 06 from UVW qualify as kings of the sheep shaggin world
they are from wales and scotland
by 03 January 09, 2004
Kiwi hu fucks sheeps insted of peoples
aussie: fuck off u fucking sheep shagger go bak to ur island u imergrant
kiwi: i like sheep dere hot
aussie: dude ur a sick fuck
kiwi: man u should try b4 u bag white boy
by white boy h8r March 04, 2005

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