a tribe in newzealand who screws sheep, the ethinics of this tribe spread all over newzealand so now every kiwi is now offically a sheepshagger
sheepshagger some one who shags sheep
by tainted shadow August 14, 2006
1 - A human being having sex with a sheep.
2 - A lame insult by Orrszstrraayaa'ans towards Kiwi's or the IEnglissh to the Welsh
Being from one of the nations that are continually referred to as "Sheep Shaggers" (New Zealand), i am happy to recieve that insult. It's usually from Australians (sorry, thats said 'Osztraaya'nsz')who as we all know are low-born (inbred), illiterate(thick as two planks) and have a native species of marsupial(koalas) which are ridden with syphilis (where did they get that then?). When a Kiwi and an Ozzsszsee first meet, it is always the Ozzsszszseeei who will insult first and inevitably the 'sheep shagger' gets thrown up quickly.
Well i'd love to say to all Oszszstraaayaa'aansz this small thing .......
Then we kill them
Then we package them
Then we send them over to your country for you sister-molesters to have on your dinner table.

Kiss my ass u stooooopeed ozszszszssseee'ees
by Hoki December 22, 2005
A derogatory term for Welsh people used mainly by the English
Iwan Jones is a right sheep shagger
by Rich Lawson May 22, 2005
a virgin farmer who can only get sex from his sheep and even when he does he has to put their back legs in his wellies
to have sex with a sheep
by totalguy January 08, 2004
Any person from wales, new zealand and especially Derby. Any derby county fan is a sheep shagger. They like making love to those wooly bastards.
Used mainly by Nottingham Forest fans agaist the derby sheep shag scum.
Piss off you sheep shagging bastards (to any derby/wales/nz fan)
by Joe Pak November 27, 2003
Someone who likes to make it with sheep.
People who visit AdultSheepFinder.com are sheep shaggers.
by David Rodriquez June 16, 2007
Someone who has sex with sheep; either because they can't get a human partner, or because they dig animals TOO much!

A popular insult in rural areas; especially in Wiltshire.
Also often aimed at the Welsh.
Charlie: "Look at how those Welsh sheep shaggers stacked this cage!"
Mark: "Don't insult your own kind that way; just because they have more sheep to chose from than you".
by snoringsquid October 19, 2005

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