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(n), A genius person or idea on the intellectual level of Charlie Sheen
(adj), used to describe a person or idea that is cleaver enough to have been thought of by Charlie Sheen.
Charlie: I probably took more than anybody could survive... I was banging seven-gram rocks, and finishing them, because thats how I roll!

You: This man is a Sheenius! Get him an award!
by Streetiti March 02, 2011
a brilliant act of personal meltdown.
You showed real sheenius last night. Don't worry I'll make bail by noon.
by Fan of Charlie March 04, 2011
a decision made under the influence of alcohol/and or drugs that seems like something genius charlie sheen would do
it seemed like a sheen-ius idea
by lilsem March 15, 2011
the act of being bat shit crazy to get attention
"dude the guy crapped his pants to get out of jury duty....

by v1nman March 11, 2011
One who spends his life studying and analyzing the life of Charlie Sheen. Once well educated and well practiced in the life and times of Charlie Sheen, One can be classified as a Sheenius.
Man1: My boy Smokie got a blowjob from 2 pornstars at that club last night, all while smoking 7 gram rocks of crack and reciting lines from the 2nd season of "Two and A Half Men".

Man2: That man is a fucking Sheenius.
by The Zaric March 06, 2011
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