the lady in the tank. see red vs blue
Sheela: “I scared Dave…Will I Dream? Davy…Davy (fades)”
Caboose: ”SHEELA!… NOOOOOO!”
Tucker: “What? Sheela. Sheela… Wait… Who’s Sheela”
Caboose: ”Sheela’s the lady in the tank…She was my friend…”
by Warren May 06, 2004
Top Definition
A female who is known for being physically fit and is sensual in everything she does. Sometimes can be considered Australian but that only stems from the sexual nature of people from Australia.
That chick is hotter than wasabi!
...yeah she's quite a Sheela
by SydTottalyOwns March 18, 2011
Aussie word for girl, female, woman, beeotch
Crikey mate,, look at the arse on that Sheela!
by migga bizzla November 27, 2003
SEXY baby's mama
Whoa, look at Sheela.
by mamacita March 05, 2003
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