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a racial slur used against Indian people.
Sheikha is such a fucking sheeb
by gochickens November 29, 2010
A very common slang for Marijuanna in Canadian highschools.
Ya got any sheeb man.
by Konrad Hillenaar July 31, 2005
1. A word used as a nickname for someone with the following characteristics:
-possible midget
-super amazingness
-name shelby, but accidently spelled her name wrong (sheby), which turned into sheeby, then to sheebs...yep.

2. also used as surf lingo..
1. Hey sheebs.
Wassup sheebs??

2. wanna go catch some sheebs???
by Sheebey August 14, 2008
Shitty Human Being
Yo that Nigga Liam is such a sheeb.
by Allota Cockinme March 14, 2013
A sex move where you get pubic hair stuck in the braces if your companion.
"Wanna try something new?"

"Sure! Let's sheeb!"
by The sheeber October 18, 2009
a cute, fluffy, little thing or animal
That dog is a sheeb.
by Lorena :] December 10, 2006
a wave that hasnt fully broken
dude, that wave is totaly sheebs...
by ready towipe August 14, 2008
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