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A combination of a shadow and an echo. This person takes on 2 forms, and combines them into one. Often times they will often act like a shadow. They will be trailing you at all sorts of events, chiming in on just about everything you say, occasionally hindering your macking ability on a female whilst in a bar. They also embrace the action of echoing everything that you say. Repeating jokes, and quoting movies after the line has been said.

One might find a shecko in all social scenes, but when you do, turn and run. Avoid this person at all costs, for they will just lead you to misery. The shecko will be the subject of many bitchfests, and you find yourself thinking about how much you hate them more and more every day.
Dude 1: Damn, this shecko won't stop following me places
Dude 2: I know! Ima be real, I cant stand this shecko, he repeats everything I say.

Dude 1: Im bout to roll out
Shecko: Where are you going?
Dude 1: I hate you
by sheckossuck February 27, 2010