In a wolf pack, there's usually one girl. This girl is just like everyone else, and seen as the sister to most. She's off limits unless established by bros in the group. Excellent wingman to everyone, very attentive thinker.
"So should I date Tracy? We hit it off last night."
"Nah dude, she's a she wolf."
by InHoc Urban April 11, 2015
An upperclassmen on the prowl for prospective college students. A female interested in a wild night with younger boys, a cougar.
"Did you hear about Grayson, the shewolf, hooking up with that 17 year old prospective student?"
by sewanee.mccrady September 27, 2009
When your girlfriend thought she could go one more day without shaving.
"Dude, she hasn't shaved in 2 days. She's becoming a She-Wolf before my eyes."
by sharvey October 18, 2009
someone who takes refuge in another ones closet in order not to go home to crazy parents who cut them

in other words: LESLIE
by kenkenloveslesles August 10, 2009
Something of complete and utter ridiculousness, strangeness, or uselessness. Because of the Shakira song "she wolf".
Person one: Did you see that new Michael Moore film on capitalism?

Person two: Yeah.

Person one: So how was it?

Person two:Compete and total she wolf.
by bowlingforcolumbuncombe November 20, 2009
1. slut hiding in a mans closet; a prostitute that is hidden during the day then at night comes out to blow the male who is keeping her
a horeish female who doesnt come out until night fall to do her duities to the male or males who may be harbouring her
2. a vagina hidden under layers of clothing such as shorts, leggings, and granny panties. A vagina that cant breath; a vagina hungry for the male penis and will stop at nothing to reach the penis; this kind of vagina needs to be aired out occasionally because it needs to breath; normally a nocturnal vag
1. a) "yo homeskillet is it dark enough to unleash your she wolf????"
1. b) "damn dude!!!!!! you never told me you had a she wolf!!!! can i try her out????"
2. a) "that she wolf is hidden good!"
2. b) "hey jane doe, do you think i have a she wolf?"
by Marmarmar9 August 25, 2009

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