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1. slut hiding in a mans closet; a prostitute that is hidden during the day then at night comes out to blow the male who is keeping her
a horeish female who doesnt come out until night fall to do her duities to the male or males who may be harbouring her
2. a vagina hidden under layers of clothing such as shorts, leggings, and granny panties. A vagina that cant breath; a vagina hungry for the male penis and will stop at nothing to reach the penis; this kind of vagina needs to be aired out occasionally because it needs to breath; normally a nocturnal vag
1. a) "yo homeskillet is it dark enough to unleash your she wolf????"
1. b) "damn dude!!!!!! you never told me you had a she wolf!!!! can i try her out????"
2. a) "that she wolf is hidden good!"
2. b) "hey jane doe, do you think i have a she wolf?"
by Marmarmar9 August 25, 2009
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