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The term used to describe a rare, elusive and often unseen type of nerd girl. The She-Nerd, unlike other Nerdgirls, is well-rounded in all forms of nerdom. From areas such as Gaming (in any and pretty much all genres) to Star wars the She-Nerd is known to master all and any forms of Geekdom.

A She-Nerd, although highly elusive can occasionally be spotted being the only young, often cute, female-unit in the local EB, card shop or other such nerdly hangouts.
Much like the Yeti, she can be photographed, but photographers beware, they often dislike cameras and creepy fanbois attempting to snap photos.
They are known for being shy but agressive.
They will punch you in the face.

And your photos will come out a little more than just blurry.

The average apparel of the She-Nerd changes with each one, however, they are known for dressing 'different' or 'strangely'. The other type of She-Nerd, may appear to dress normal, yet they dress down and come across as low-maintence. Glasses are often worn, but are not a must. However, a sketchbook is.
The She-Nerd might Cosplay, but this is not for certain.

The mating call of the She-Nerd has been described as amazing by most Nerdboys. It often consists of videogame and movie refeerences, drawing in any nerdling within a 50-ft radius.

There are many nerdgirls in the world, but only a rare few can ever claim to be A She Nerd.
by _nerdypanda July 24, 2006
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A rare breed of female who embraces an alternate lifestyle choice consisting of, but not restricted to:
a) The worship of science fiction and/or fantasy narratives.
b) The worship of comic books.
c) The worship of toys.
d) The expression of said worship at various themed conventions.
Wow check out all the she-nerds at this year's Sci-fi expo! The one dressed as Princess Leia has sweet buns!
by Audrey Horne October 06, 2005
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