Origin: the Nati

A term used for a male/female who is dumb smack.
person1: Oooh damn, is she right?
person2: Ha, nope. She bop
by K.y.D May 17, 2007
Top Definition
getting sexual gratification through self-stimulation. more specifically, female masturbation.
see Cyndi Lauper.
by Brandi June 10, 2003
word coined by Cyndi Lauper song titled shebop about female masturbation
shebop in the morning is fun
by graysen February 03, 2005
Self gratification via touching one's own sexual area (i.e. masturbation). The "she-" part of the word indicates that it is an act of a woman.
She better stop that she-bop every night or she'll go blind.
by nick_g July 25, 2011
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