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Origin: the Nati

A term used for a male/female who is dumb smack.
person1: Oooh damn, is she right?
person2: Ha, nope. She bop
by K.y.D May 17, 2007
4 27
getting sexual gratification through self-stimulation. more specifically, female masturbation.
see Cyndi Lauper.
by Brandi June 10, 2003
72 6
word coined by Cyndi Lauper song titled shebop about female masturbation
shebop in the morning is fun
by graysen February 03, 2005
52 5
Self gratification via touching one's own sexual area (i.e. masturbation). The "she-" part of the word indicates that it is an act of a woman.
She better stop that she-bop every night or she'll go blind.
by nick_g July 25, 2011
8 0