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The act of being weird klutzy, and in someways annoying. Is very outgoing, and honestly doesn't care about what people say. Said to be like an illness, and is highly contagious if you hang out with those who have it, the more you hang out with them, the faster you come into contact with it. (number can be taken into account)

Symptoms include:
Being more Klutzy
Is very loud
Good music taste
Easily entertained
VERY imaginative
Can be really weird
Person 1: She became really klutzy after talking to that one girl alot...
Person 2: I heard that one girl had Shayne-itis
Person 1: Well... thats another person lost to Shayne-itis...
Person 2: *sighs* thats the tenth person too...
by Pikachu!AtTheDisco November 16, 2013
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