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He's an asshole, cute as fuck, but an asshole none the less. Likes to dip out when stuff that has nothing to do with you gets hard. Refuses to talk to you about his problems instead just blames you for them. Hates confrontation if he's losing. Has sex with your friends, after promising that he wont do that again. Breaks your heart continuously. Talks so much shit when he has no justification to do so. Lies like crazy, makes empty promises. Doesnt give a shit about your feelings when he hurts them. You can do everything in your power to make him happy and you can love him as much as humanly possible but he's crazy and doesnt care. Likes to spit out random comments that dont make sense. He's bat shit fucking crazy. But I love him. Hahah
*;So you and Shawn are friends again?
**;Nope, he stopped talking to me.
*;For what?
**;No clue.
by HahahaHeToldMeToDoThis May 17, 2012
A very sexy, strong, independent man who is also very sensitive. Shawns are usually brunette and very appealing!
Damn look at Shawn, too bad hes taken
by you wish you knew my real name March 30, 2008
An exceptional, deep, intelligent, devoted, and unparalleled animal. He is very severe at times, but also knows when to be foolish. He is an original, provocative, rational, witty, perceptive, arousing, resourceful, creative, loving, seductive, mysterious, heavenly, unusual, attractive, clever, profound, solitary, unequalled, coldhearted individual. He enjoys long days out on a boat, (occasionally catching more fish than he lets get away) and can literally spend days on end playing video games. His amazing sense and ingenuity make him an astounding lover and a respectable cook.
1. "That guy is a total Shawn."

2. "I'm glad I married a Shawn ."
by evil_kimberly August 18, 2009
1) A good person
2) The best thing that has happened to you
3) A person you can't stand to be away from
You: I want a Shawn.
by trashlolman June 29, 2009
Shawn is the definition of freeakin amazing, another name for cool kid .
Oh m gee Bob is such a Shawn .
by ChantelleTatum September 08, 2008
simply a pretty boy....
thinks to himself that he is WAY COOL and secretly he is

really bad a rock, paper, scissors
need work with 7 hand poker too ;)
Girl 1: He is such a shawn!
Girl 2: I know, but he is so hot, I want him!
by lets86that December 16, 2007
A handsome and very intelligent guy with an amazing personality to go with his great looks. has the greatest sense of humor. though no one would know because he is as shy as he is good looking. does amazing things in bed. is very loving and caring and would do anything for the ones he loves. self sabotaging is what he is best at, next to gi joe collecting and playing final fantasy. the greatest love one could have would be with Shawn.
"that guy was almost as good as a Shawn"
i love you por siempre Shawn
by Angieness February 04, 2010
is a very emotional person. She trusts everyone,believes in fate, karma and true love.She is compassionate, kind, caring, loving,giving,sexy,hot and an all round fun person to be around. Shawn wants to make everyone else happy and make sure everyone elses need are met before her own.Shawn is the most unselfish person you will ever meet and would give you th shirt off her back if needed. Her eyes are the most amazing thing to look at.
I want to be a Shawn.
by Friend_forever February 03, 2010