Shawn is a common name given to extreme homosexuals. This person is so far into the closet and afraid to tell anybody how gay they are that they pledge their love for girls named Kelly. Shawn is obsessed with masturbating and does it while he is in the waiting lobby for games of halo 3. Shawn's true love is toward Matt, who is the reason Shawn will play halo 3 even though he sucks hard blistering meat sticks. Shawn loves to yank his crank to the sound of Matts voice. Shawn often looks to Billy for his lifes purpose, which there is cleary nothing for Shawn in life but pure failure.
Billy: Hey Erik, did you hear about Shawn

Erik: Yea, doesnt he masturbate all day or something?

Billy: Actually Yea he does, he's always jerkin it to matts voice on Halo.

Matt:Hey Shawn.

Shawn:Yo bitch, wats up? *mutes xbox mic* o my god, i think i just came. Mom can you get me some napkins!
by Steel Condor July 21, 2009
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A very sexy, strong, independent man who is also very sensitive. Shawns are usually brunette and very appealing!
Damn look at Shawn, too bad hes taken
by you wish you knew my real name March 30, 2008
An exceptional, deep, intelligent, devoted, and unparalleled animal. He is very severe at times, but also knows when to be foolish. He is an original, provocative, rational, witty, perceptive, arousing, resourceful, creative, loving, seductive, mysterious, heavenly, unusual, attractive, clever, profound, solitary, unequalled, coldhearted individual. He enjoys long days out on a boat, (occasionally catching more fish than he lets get away) and can literally spend days on end playing video games. His amazing sense and ingenuity make him an astounding lover and a respectable cook.
1. "That guy is a total Shawn."

2. "I'm glad I married a Shawn ."
by evil_kimberly August 18, 2009
1) A good person
2) The best thing that has happened to you
3) A person you can't stand to be away from
You: I want a Shawn.
by trashlolman June 29, 2009
Shawn is the definition of freeakin amazing, another name for cool kid .
Oh m gee Bob is such a Shawn .
by ChantelleTatum September 08, 2008
simply a pretty boy....
thinks to himself that he is WAY COOL and secretly he is

really bad a rock, paper, scissors
need work with 7 hand poker too ;)
Girl 1: He is such a shawn!
Girl 2: I know, but he is so hot, I want him!
by lets86that December 16, 2007
A handsome and very intelligent guy with an amazing personality to go with his great looks. has the greatest sense of humor. though no one would know because he is as shy as he is good looking. does amazing things in bed. is very loving and caring and would do anything for the ones he loves. self sabotaging is what he is best at, next to gi joe collecting and playing final fantasy. the greatest love one could have would be with Shawn.
"that guy was almost as good as a Shawn"
i love you por siempre Shawn
by Angieness February 04, 2010
A tall guy, usually he has brown curly hair. He is probably the best kisser you will meet and knows how to have a good time. He'll please any girl. But he ISNT interested in breaking your heart. he will never try to pressure you into sex. he is amazing to you. And he wont let you ever talk down about yourself.
by supermanisloveable October 16, 2010
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