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a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart. isn't always caught in the greatest of situations, but always seems to have a smile on her gorgeous face. fun-loving, with an adorable laugh. knows how to have a good time, but knows when its time to be serious. knows how to treat a friend right. realizes when she's made a mistake. is the true definition of a great best friend. may fall her for the man she loves, but she deserves the best, in all aspects of life.
wow. that's one hott smurf.

tht girls a shauna
by LuckyYael December 23, 2009
Shauna is a name derived from Hebrew. It is a popular name in Ireland and it IS a feminine name. It is also the feminine form of Sean and Shaun and Irish cognate of John.

There are two biblical meanings for Shauna:
1. Gift of God
2. God is gracious
1. Oh my god, that girl has everything, she is so rich and almost perfect, she must be a Shauna.

2. Trully is a gift of god if they have special talents, rare beauty or intelligence and stand out from a crowd or because they perceive their own lives as perfect and are envied by others because of being rich and coming from an affluent and perfect family.

3. People are jealous of Shauna.
by Shauna S March 16, 2008
Down to earth nice girl.

Tends to be a little annoying but doesn't mean to. Knows when she has wronged.Shauna doesn't like too be mean, but will go to any needs of her friends to make them smile.
Easy-going for almost all of the time , but when things need to get serious, she does,.
She seem's to be quiet.
Is shy at first but once you befriend her she is openly friendly and kinder.
Will have days were she will feel down. Most Shauna's have low confidence , although not needy or clingy, she will need to be supported through tough times.

And also has one truly amazing talent.
(May or may not have been discovered)
Person1- Man that girl can sing.What's her name?

Person2-I dunno but seems like a Shauna to me.
by lollol1D February 03, 2013
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