A super hot, awsome amazing guy with hot abs. A massive player that likes to flirt with all the girls even while in a relashionship, he loves a girl but hurt her the first time and is begging for a second chance. Heaps of chicks are after him and he knows it and uses it to his advantage, Still is a great friend to have cause hes nice and wonderful and can make you feel good about yourself <3
Shaun: ;)
by haveanoiceday October 29, 2011
A white guy who thinks he's Indian.

Also known as a white chocolate Oreo.
Shaun: Oh hey guys, Happy (insert random/specific Indian holiday here)...

Indians:Hi Shaun...is that today? Hmm...cool.

Shaun: Yea, in honor of said holiday, I made some traditional dishes typically prepared on this day in India. Mostly cooked by grandmothers, but, I got the recipe (from a grandmother)....Here is mango pachadi, and over here is butter paneer, and here is some spicy chicken biryani, but don't worry, if it's too hot for you, I bought a bag of gaathiya to help cut the spice.
by Gthrizzle May 17, 2012
One of those guys that makes you love them with all you're heart then get bored of you. He makes girls cry and he would not give a shit. He moves on to you're best friends and then hurts you too. He breaks you're heart into a million pieces but you also love him with all of those pieces. You still want him as yours and he doesn't realize how much you love him</3
He didn't know her,
He met her,
He got to know her,
He liked her,
He fell in love with her,
He got bored of her,
He met another girl,
He replaced her</3
by One of your victims. September 22, 2011
The British spelling of the Irish name Sean used in this way to usurp Ireland's place in history.

Like what they did with Northern Ireland.

"Give Ireland back to the Irish!"
sean: what ur name, dude
shaun: shaun
sean: spell it the correct way
shaun: S-H-A-U-N
sean: naw dude, thats the fascist way of spelling it
shaun: DUDE!
by Sean O'Conner April 10, 2008
he is a gay pussy
he needs to grow up and toughen up
eat some cement dudE!!!!!
shaun from shortstack
by mrs sir November 23, 2010
To shave your head, act like a douchebag and sleep with men over the age of 70.
I was bored last night so I decided to shaun.
by big book July 01, 2010
The prettier spelling of the Irish name Shaun.
"You see Shaun over there?"

"The one who always falls in love with straight guys?"

"Yeah, thats him"

by theonewhoalwayssmiles February 14, 2009

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