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A humanoid who tends to sex females in such a way as to make their tummy tingle. Certainly the best sexing a girl could get. (maybe its just me) This humanoid enjoys b movie horror flix, gives epic cuddles, and can make a female feel safe. Many females of the human species (mostly humanoids such as myself) would love nothing more than to lay in a park with this male species or being wrapped in his beastly arms while watching movies.
Female Humanoid 1: Shaun, you are Poifect!

Shaun: eh eh eh.
by Skarlet6 August 05, 2011
118 73
The ideal guy, perfect son, father, friend, confidant, lover, role-model. A true man’s man, embraces that protector role. Extremely intelligent and educated, a very complex-thinker (at times can be an over-thinker). Willing to compromise but once he has made a decision there has been extreme thought put into it and there is no swaying his decision. Ambitious in his career and personal life, won’t settle for mediocrity. Outgoing, extremely personable and craves involvement in an array of organizations, feels the need to do his part to better the world. Kind, sensitive, thoughtful, dependable and at times these characteristics can give off mixed signals as being overly flirtatious. God-fearing, sexy, kind, loyal, very affectionate, romantic, and incredible at expressing his feelings both verbally and written. When with him, he makes it seem like no one else in the world exists…most amazing eyes and smile.
Everyone should be as lucky as me to have a Shaun in her life! I love you baby!
by your biggest fan2013 December 27, 2012
75 32
Shauns are usually extremely sexually active, and will chase up the opportunity to meet new people.

They are usually quick to love someone and slow to forget them, which is not always a good thing. But they always mean the best and try their hardest to please those around them.
Awww Shaun....
by Wise Dictionary January 03, 2012
100 63
A sweaty tramp who sleeps in a bin.
Girl: Will you put this empty bag of crisps in the bin?

Man: Can't, Shaun's sleeping.
by Joel67676 November 15, 2013
10 6
a monkey touching, bum fudging, super queer with the tendency to get arrested for public exposure.
shaun got arrested today at the zoo for being naked in the monkey enclosure
by jackpot2003 March 30, 2014
1 2
He is a sex bomb. He is an amazing guy, and treats each girl he is with like they deserve. He makes every girl feel like a million dollars
Girl: I wish I had a shaun of my own
by Bob8890 January 03, 2014
2 3
Very Smart attractive boy. He is very emotional toward his girlfriend and won't ever hurt her feelings. He is very sporty, and is almost right every time. His soul mates names are usually Maddie, Lisa or Georgia.
Girl: "Wow, I went out with this guy yesterday, and he was kind, nice, tank and just everything I could want!!"

Friend "Oh, that must have been a Shaun, yeah, they are great aren't they".
by BestMenOutThereNames! August 24, 2011
37 40