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One of Newcastle's finest sessioner's 'Shaun o the deeed' a.k.a Shaun Heatherington, obtained his status as 'Shaun o the deeed' whilst on holiday in Ibiza in 2009, where he was constantly in either a drunken or sleeping state.
This name has stuck with him ever since, you can normally site 'Shaun o the deeed' at Koo'sday or Love Dough and will generally find him in his natural habitat of a house party where he will stay "sessioning" for many a day. Others believe he is a lovely spirit to have around at a house party and that's why he is nicknamed 'Shaun o the deeed'.
Music pumping house party in full swing, front door opens its "Shaun o the deeed"
by House Party Crew June 24, 2010
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