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a group based around the youtube user 'iShatOnU'
though the group is not limited to a certain amount of people, it is open to anyone who wishes to participate in there activies.
Which include: Trolling, raids, Prank calling, spamming, blogging and other random things.

There symbol is the "Badger".
Person 1: "Hey did you hear about shatnation?"
Person 2: "Yeah those assholes, Raided by stickam room"
Person 3: "I wonder how iShatOnU convinces everyone to do this"
by Shatnation208 July 06, 2009
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A group of loyal subscribers to internet celebrity IshatonU this group is known for spamming stickam and Blog talk radio. A common spam is to type or say badger multiple times.
I subscribe to iShatOnU and am a member of the Shatnation
by ralasinchains July 07, 2009

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