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Shastealer2 is a fairly well known YouTube internet voice over artist who plays his many parts dubbing over popular Disney movies such as The Lion King.


Currently hosting to over 2750 subscribers. Shastealer2 is slowly being recognised across the internet as a young star in the making.

Shastealer2 is also the creator of 'Yu-Gi-Oh GX' The Abridged Series. Lending his voice to many characters such as;

Jaden Yuki
Syrus Truesdale
Chazz Princeton
Professor Crowler etc etc

Which is still up and running of the account of www.youtube.com/darksideincorporated
'Have you seen Shastealer2's latest video? It's hilarious!'

'Dude, you should subscribe to Shastealer2!'
by Richard Brian February 21, 2009

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