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A shitty tech startup.
"Where do you work?"
"I'm at a small tech company in Palo Alto. We're losing money, our product is kinda spammy, and our CEO is a 25-year-old Tesla-driving douchebag. Your classic shartup. But hey, we have a pinball machine and free massages!"
by otterdammerung March 18, 2015
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While doing a sit-up when you bring your body up, the pressure on your stomach causes you to release a fart with a very unpleasant steamy surprise.
Dakota had a PT test early that morning, while doing his sit-ups he had the sudden urge to fart but sadly ended up doing a shartup instead...needless to say he had a shitty morning.
by Josh and Jen Wildman January 20, 2012

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