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A female of Assyrian descent. Usually with gorgeous olive skin, hypnotic eyes and a derriere to die for. Has an open mind about everything and is easy to talk to.
She is sweet as pie but sometimes mistaken for a bitch as at times can be a real firecracker. Can be witty and will make you laugh for sure. Doesn't care much for the following: ass-kissers, posers, rude bitches, mean people with money, little brats that cry and scream at restaurants and people that just don't know when to shut. She is a great friend, loyal to the end and will have your back no matter what. Has been known to drop a few people along the way for not appreciating her, being selfish and shady. Care instructions: treat with a generous amount of respect and it will last you a life time.
Dude: I went out last night and met a Sharokina!
Other dude: For real?? Damn! Musta been your lucky night!
by Smellykitty September 30, 2011