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Berton had this basic guitar and drum riff lying around for a long time," he said, "even before the Knack got together. He played it for me, and I really liked it. I said we would do it someday, but I didn't know how we could use it at the time. Then, at the same time the Knack started, I met a little girl named Sharona, whom I fell in love with. When I would think about Sharona, Berton's riff came to mind. So Berton and I got together and worked out a structure and a melody and the words. The result was 'My Sharona'."
"Always get it up for the touch
of the younger kind"

by Tori March 22, 2004
An amazingly woman that is both beautiful inside and out. A caring and kind heart but is also shrewd. Often shy yet very loyal. Very hot and sexy. Sometimes scared of things yet willing to give it a go anyway. She is truely amazing if you find one hold onto her, as you will never find a better person.
Person 1 "Who's that hot chick over there"
Person 2 "Sharona"
Person 1 "I wish she was 'My Sharona'"
by Customism101 March 11, 2012
The action of plopping one's ass down on a toilet seat and popping an extremely large and often pus-filled zit/pimple that exists on one's asscheek.
Man sits down on toilet to take shit.

Man: "Owww, damn. My sharona!"
by nakedfun361 August 10, 2010
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