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When a girl bites your dick or scrapes your shaft with her teeth during oral sex. Typically drawing blood or ruining the entire Bj in the process. A girl that has tendencies of treating your dick like a Oscar Meyer selects premium angus beef hotdog and snapping into it with her sharp fangs. Essentially like shoving your cock in a sharks mouth.
Derek - Yo, Stacy is so fucking hot dude, you lucky bastard.
Rick- Nah, you don't even know man. She gives shark head.

Derek- What do you mean?
Rick- Last time she gave me a blowjob, she chewed on my head like a fucking dog toy. It's like getting blown by a shark.

Derek- Damn, shes a real Louis suarez huh?
Rick- Yeah
by GM123 January 11, 2017
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Someone who is so totally completely pan-handled that their friends would be able to place a punctured inflatable shark toy on their head with little resistance and proceed to chant "He's got a shark on his head, shaaark on his heeadd!" if they so pleased.
Look at hessy, man, he's chasing all the seagulls!
I know mate, but let him off, he has got a massive shark head afterall.
by BigOldSharkHead August 30, 2010
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When a woman giving a blowjob uses her teeth in unpleasurable ways.
Cindy gave such bad sharkhead that I am pretty sure I was bleeding a little!
by SlimTal February 08, 2011
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