a princess who loves a man she can never have.
Juliet was just another Shareen.
by my so called fairytale February 04, 2010
Top Definition
Female Name.The most amazing person anyone can ask for! Kind,sweet,Hilarious,and Beautiful! The kind of Person who enjoys life. Who lives like their dying! Listens To all music beside country,! Favorite Color- blue, favorite animal- kangaroo! Anyone can love her! Loves Track, cheer,dance!
girl: Eww,look at that girl on track!
Guy with girl:ohh. shes okay. (turns around to guy friends)DAMMMN shes HOT! Thats What i call a Shareen!
by youdidwhat123 October 15, 2010
Performing a "shareen" is when one behaves in a slutty behaviour.
Dyaaaaaaaaaaaam gyal, u just did a shareen!!
by P.Rick May 05, 2005
This is another name for your vagina, bush, muff, beaver, fud, minge.
Shareen nanjeeany....fanny!
by Linda & Stu September 03, 2006
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