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Shar-ttoo: A semi-permanent Tattoo (usually drawn on by the wearer) with A Sharpie.

Antonym: "Reverse Shar-ttoo" When, unaware, the wearer has drawn the Sharttoo refection style because they used a mirror.

Factoid: You can usually tell right (write?) away whether the wearer a righty or a lefty because of what side of the body the Shar-ttoo is on.
Nice fuckin' Shar-ttoo dude!

I guess that Shar-ttoo read right in the mirror huh?

Good thing you didn't turn that Shar-ttoo into a Tatt.

I'm gonna Shar-ttoo your name on me, that way we can keep it casual...

Did you just take a shower? Your Shar-ttoo is all smudged.
by saphin May 22, 2010
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