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From the song, "Shapoopie," as seen in "The Music Man," a play about a man from Gary, Indiana who makes a boys band in Iowa and falls in love with a librarian.
Shapoopie, shapoopie, the girl that's hard to get.
Shapoopie, shapoopie, but you can win her yet.
by yo momma's momma's daddy February 07, 2011
1) The feces that gets stored between the sack and gooch during ejection of waste.

2) The feces that lingers when you don't wipe your ass.

3) The feces that sticks to you hand when you "be a man, use your hand."

1) When I sat down, I could the shapoopie squelching in my pants.

2) I was lazy so I decided to just let the shapoopie stay put.

3) I was eating chicken fingers and tasted something wierd. I had forgotten that I had let the shapoopie stay on my hand.
by YoZulu September 09, 2006
A shapoopie is a girl that's hard to get. The word was made up by Seth MacFarlane and used in the hit T.V. show Family Guy.
Shapoopie! Shapoopie! The girl who's hard to get. Wow, that girl's such a shapoopie.
by Jamesdrennan08 May 11, 2009
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