taking a nap on the shitter
Damn dude, what took you so long, were you taking a shap?
by sunnystar August 22, 2007
a combination of shit and crap. Used when you cannot figure out which form of the word to use.
"Dude i ran over your dog's tail."
"OH Shap! you retard!"
by Raddichio April 06, 2005
Stands for She Has A Penis. Used to point out a girl with a man-ish apeal. Also used as a noun. When used as a noun it means a girl who might have a penis or looks like a man
Shap at 12 o'clock!

My new boss looks like a Shap.
by shapisawesome April 22, 2011
a jewish kid who wears hats
Shap, light the menorah.
by bca hakensak January 10, 2009
The male art of masturbating whilst perched upon the toilet taking a dump. Key words here are "Fap" (Masturbate) and of course "Shit". Also, the past pretense of shapping may be referred to as "To have just shame".
"Daaamn, did you hear about Rick in the bathroom?" "Nawh boss, what happened?" "He was taking the biggest shap in life!" "GROSSSSSS." AND "Bro, I think i just shame." :\
by , Señor Pachecks' August 25, 2009
Shap is a combination between Shut and Up. As in the popular phrase; "Shut up."
Will you please shap?
by EdwardsLaw July 29, 2009
A man who sends females pictures of other men's penises trying to help them out
"Did you get that from Shap?! that can't be his"
by dblover69 November 26, 2011
When you wanna tell someone off in a joking manner.
*pull up to a middle aged bystanders*
Jesse: "Excuse me do you know where I can find the nearest CIBC."
Bystander: "CIBC, I think there is one-"
by Amir February 15, 2005

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