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This is a term used to describe the level of amazingness of an event or incident. Usually sexual, this word is known to replace or provide a substitute for the term "Orgazmic".
This cake is Shantastic!/ This cake is amazing
So yeah...last night? that was shantastic/ Last night was orgazmic.
by Smitten Kitten September 06, 2005
adj. a positive feeling beyond words.
spending time with you is shantastic.
by Dickie Moist October 07, 2003
1. Often used to describe a state or quality when one is as glamorous as fish scales. Only associated with very expensive things.
2. Used to explain singing a song to the beat of glamorous.
1. Ex. - "Your eyes look so shantastic rigth now!!"

2. Ex. "Let's go and and shantacise our friend for performing such a noble task!"
by GuppySanchez May 22, 2010
Doing something which you are not qualified to do. Such as develop websites.
"Hey, this site doesn't work. Whoever wrote it did a Shantastic job. Idiots"
by YourFriends April 17, 2007