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A replacement word for a curse word or any word, it was made up by two teenage girls. It could also be said out of random.
Jolee-"I have noodles! You want some?"
Leigh-"No shanoodle!"
Replacement-*Closes hand in door* "SHANOODLE!"
Out of random-"Shanoodle, shanoodle, shanoodle!"
by jandlshanoodle April 13, 2010
the act of jerking off two dicks at the same time whilst the Maneater keeps the two penis' connected with it's abundance of foreskin.
sam:did you here about max's maneater
fred:of course me and him used it to shanoodle last night
by sirfrancisdrake August 30, 2008
1.The act of one un-circumsized penis swallowing a circumsized one.

2.To put the head of one's penis into the foreskin of another's
Tonight seems like a good night to get into a shanoodle fight.
by JP Bitch June 13, 2007