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Shannons Lover - This person is the one person she was with or has been with and yet she doesn't know to stay or run away from him. He is the one person that will do everything in his power to make her happy and to make her love him back. He is the one who will tell Shannon is beautiful; no matter the appearence, he will lover her completely even if it takes days and weeks on in. He is the man of her dreams (yes the man of her dreams), he tells her he misses her everyday, her stays on the phone with her from dusk to dawn, he is the guy who makes her his world, he is the man who will go to and post a defintion to her.
Kyle: Hey, Beautiful.
Shannon: Nu-uh, your lying.
Kyle: Heh, I wouldn't lie about something like that Shannon.
Shannon: *sighs* Kyle-
Kyle: I know, I can wait.
by KairuYasuoOonosubi September 26, 2010
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