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Someone/thing shan, rubbish, undesirable
1: Davy, ya shanner!
2: Did you see that car? It was a shanner!!
by solodini November 06, 2006
A Scottish word beleived to have originated around the Central Belt sometime in the late 20th centurey describing and object (usualy a vehical) which is in a delapedated state of disrepair and generaly an embaresment to the owner.
Example 1

Jock #1 "Here mate, your car's an utter SHANNER!"

Jock #2 "Aye whatever man, your dirtbike's the biggest SHANNER i've ever had the misfortune to gaze upon!"

Example 2

"Mate, i've had enough of this Audi! Its a total SHANNER!"
by Coopertrooper87 November 15, 2012
An act of shear stupidity.
John: Lads, I think I've left my petrol cap back at the Petrol Station!

Fred: He's only gone and done a shanners!
by theSeskuFOX May 04, 2010
A creepy earthling who spends all free time on the computer, chewing on straws, DDRing, and crying over senseless things. Can be lured out of dark corners when presented eggnog.
Bob: Hey Tom, where are all the straws?
Tom: They're gone, Bob. Shanners came by earlier.
Bob: Bloody Hell.
by Shanners November 06, 2006
One of the most beautiful people I have ever met.

Act of shear beauty.

Intelligent, confident, cute and amazing in every way.

Nick name for Shannon .
"My Shanners"
by JDR2011 October 11, 2011
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