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The name Shanelle is meaning to best, beautifulest great girl/women alive
everyone envys her for she is known every well and will always do something nice
Joel: Hey Shanelle, your looking stunning today.

Shanelle: Why thank you Joel and your looking fabtabulous today.

Joel: why thank you... your so nice

Shanelle:oh it was i least i could do..

Joel: LOL
by Robyn Shilling April 01, 2009
182 87
- the greatest type of human possible
Used to describe stylish, gorgeous, intelligent females; especially those with curly hair.
Shanelle is the envy of all women.
Ness: wow that Andrew is gay

Sam: yea, not like Angie though. She's so shanelle!
by angelina thomas March 10, 2008
256 80
The most beautiful and exotic girl ever born with a spunky and fiesty attitude and could dress her ass off with the best of them has the most hypnotic hazel eyes and has the most charming smile 2 lay between a girls cheeks
Yo my girl looks aitte but chick aint no shanelle
by little person=) February 21, 2009
196 54
The most sweet natured, beautiful girl in the world. No one compares to her. Sent from heaven to brighten Jakes life, she makes every second a blessing and every heartbeat a joy. She is sexy and kind, loving and caring. She is perfect and I love her <3
Male 1: Hey have you seen that Shanelle chick?
Male 2: yeh, she is so sexy and gorgeous, but I think she's with that other guy :(
Male 1: what? That super attractive jake guy, the one everyone loves and respects?

Male 2: yeh that's the one.
by Jake the Pom October 23, 2013
6 7